Friday, 19 June 2015

The Apostolic Nuncio to Uganda Arch-Bishop Michael August Blume visits OVC households living in abject poverty in Namuwongo slum.

It was a bright afternoon on 5th of May 2015 and the Apostolic Nuncio Arch-Bishop Michael August Blume; SVD Apostolic Nuncio accompanied by Fr. Fernando arrived at In Need Home fully prepared to go to visit families living in abject poverty.

They were welcomed to In Need Home by Anny Ngoga Bwengye the Executive director of In Need Home together with the staff.
The Apostolic Nuncio in Uganda together with Fr. Fernando and the staff of In Need Home walked to the slums and visited house to house. 

The children and their care givers were free to interact with the Nuncio and he prayed and blessed them. He asked some whether they have ever been visited by a priest or any pastor and one  old grandmother said that she has spent over 30years living in Namuwongo but she has never received a priest or a pastor in her house. She was so happy that she had to say that Jesus has entered in her house that very day.

Of course visiting a slum like Namuwongo, there are risks involved. You have to be prepared to cross sewage channels, muddy areas, if you enter the rooms in the slum they are infested with bedbugs, if you are white you be prepared to be called Muzungu by young and old people….the experience is endless.  To our surprise at In Need Home the Apostolic Nuncio in Uganda thanked In Need Home for arranging the visit. At In Need Home we were very surprised by the passion of Michael August Blume for children and poor people.
The orphans and vulnerable children under the care of In Need Home were so happy to have been visited by the Apostolic Nuncio in Uganda and all were in jubilation saying that we have seen the Pope.....the Pope has visited us. They entertained him and took photographs with him.

He addressed the children

He blessed In Need Home and promised to keep in touch with the home.

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